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Fujian Ho Chin Food Canning Industry Co., Ltd. was established in Zhangpu County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China in 1996. Since its establishment, Fujian Ho Chin Canning Company has the development, production and sales of professional food can packaging products as its main business axis. Production of iron, aluminum two-piece round punch cupping, iron, aluminum two-piece special-shaped punch cupping, through customized cooperation to continuously develop new markets, forming a variety of aluminum alloy, tinplate material food-grade empty can products. The quality of empty cans produced by Fujian Ho Chin Canning Company can be produced according to the requirements of customers and can meet the export standards of China's packaging material industry. The filled contents cover food-grade canned types such as aquatic products, livestock products, fruit and vegetable products.


"Good quality of canning" is the corporate culture of Fujian Ho Chin Canning Company since its establishment. It always measures the development trend and demand of canning through the feedback from customers. The inspection standards for round and special-shaped two-piece cupping made of aluminum and iron adopt lean management mode in the intermediate process from raw materials to finished products. Fujian Ho Chin Canning Company believes that only by adopting good management mode can good products be created, good quality can good operation mode be created, and finally to meet customer needs and strive to achieve complete pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services for customers.