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Two-piece can manufacturers will talk about the anti-corrosion system of easy-to-open tinplate cans.



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Two-piece can manufacturers will talk about the anti-corrosion system of easy-to-open tinplate cans.

Two-piece can manufacturer: anti-corrosion system for easy-to-open tinplate cans

Two-piece can manufacturers told everyone that the anti-corrosion system of pop cans consists of a three-layer protective structure of organic coating, tin coating and iron coating. During the use of real cans, most tinplate cans can meet the quality requirements of shelf life. Only a small number of real cans will be corroded and perforated. The corrosion of tinplate cans is closely related to the contents of the package. When the contents of the package are acidic, high in salt content and high in sulfur protein, the content, the contents are highly corrosive, although the organic coating can prevent the liquid in the content from contacting the metal, it usually has pores. After a period of time, the liquid will penetrate into the contact with the metal, and the tin layer will dissolve. The tin layer itself is relatively stable, but it is corrosive substances and nitrate In the presence of root or sulfide ions, the dissolution rate is very high. After a period of time, the metal iron will be exposed to form a tin-ferroelectric couple, which accelerates the dissolution of iron, the corrosion resistance of tinplate cans mainly depends on the porosity and defects of the coating, the passivation degree and thickness of the tin layer, and the thickness of the iron.


Double hemming forming process of easy-pull cover

Metal can sealing refers to the process in which the flange of the can body and the round edge of the easy-to-pull cover are rolled and sealed in the sealing machine to form a tightly overlapping edge. The formed flange is called double flange. The sealing of the can by the bilateral sealing machine mainly depends on the pressure head, the first roller and the second roller of the tray. The sealing of the metal is completed by the cooperation of four parts.

The roller groove is in contact with the tank body, and the relative movement and interaction lead to the process of curling and pushing. When the tank body and the tank cover enter the position of the tank sealing machine at the same time, under the cooperation of the pressure head and the tank plate, the head roller first radially Push, gradually roll the cover hook to the lower part of the body hook, and then the cover hook and the body hook are gradually bent, and they gradually hook each other to form a double hook edge, thus basically complete a curl.

The head roller exits and leaves, and then the second rolling operation is performed through the two rollers. The hook groove part of the second roller enters and contacts the formed flange. Under the pushing action of the second roller, the cover hook and the body hook are further Bending, hooking and pressing, and finally reaching a tight shaping state, forming a double crimping of five layers of materials. Some cans, such as tinplate cans, need to be coated with sealant, the sealant in the cover hook is tightly rolled in the double-hemming gap during the rolling operation to enhance the sealing effect of the double rolling.

The above is the two-piece can manufacturers to explain the "easy to open tinplate anti-corrosion system" content, we all understand it? If you want to know more, welcome to contact us two-piece can manufacturers, thank you for watching, we see you in the next issue.