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Let's talk about the difference between two-piece cans and three-piece cans.



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Let's talk about the difference between two-piece cans and three-piece cans.

Beverage cans are divided into two-piece cans and three-piece cans. The two-piece cans are mainly made of aluminum alloy plate, which is mostly used for packaging carbonated beverages. The three-piece cans are mainly tin-plated steel plates (tinplate), which are mostly used for beverage packaging and do not contain carbonic acid.

Two-piece cans came out in the middle of the 20th century. The whole packaging can is composed of a can body and a lid (easy-to-pull lid). Therefore, it is called a two-piece can. The two-piece can body uses a punch to stretch and deform the metal sheet through a drawing die to connect the bottom with the can body. There are many types of two-piece cans: according to the height of the can, there are shallow cans and deep cans, and aluminum cans and iron cans, according to the manufacturing process can be divided into thin stretch pot and deep pull cupping.

The application history of three-piece tank has been nearly 200 years. Although it has been improved many times, its basic composition is still composed of three metal plates (mostly tinplate): tank body, tank bottom and tank cover. Therefore, it is named "three-piece tank". The shape, size and manufacturing method of tank bottom and tank cover of ordinary three-piece tank are exactly the same, collectively referred to as tank cover. There are two main sealing forms for tank longitudinal seam: brazing and welding, the three-piece cans have good rigidity and can produce cans of various shapes. The material utilization rate is high, the size change is easy, the production process is mature, and there are many types of packaging products.


Application and advantages of easy-to-cover two-piece cans

Easy-lid two-piece cans are mainly used for packaging carbonated beverages and beer. At present, two-piece cans are mainly aluminum two-piece cans. The two-piece cans are made of aluminum alloy sheet. The thinning and stretching process is adopted in the manufacturing process, so the thickness of the tank wall is obviously thinner than that of the tank bottom. When used for beer packaging, strong internal pressure will make up for the rigidity of the thin tank wall, these properties of the metal allow the metal to be filled at equal pressure or at high speed.

The two-piece can has good sealing performance. The can body is directly formed by stamping and stretching process without leakage. The two-piece can body has the advantages of improving production capacity. The two-piece can body has no seams and is beautiful in appearance. The two-piece can body can be decorated and printed continuously. The two-piece can body has only two parts. The manufacturing process of the two-piece can body is simple and has the advantages of improving production capacity, there are no longitudinal seams of the tank body and seams with the bottom of the tank, which also saves materials.

The above is the two-piece can manufacturers to explain the "two-piece cans and three-piece cans of the difference" content, we all understand? If you want to know more, welcome to contact us, thank you for watching, we see you in the next issue.

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