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A basic overview of two-piece cans?



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The application range of two-piece cans is very wide, and we definitely need to know the basic overview of two-piece cans before using them. So you can apply it better. If you are interested in this topic, then take a look at it together, hoping to help some relevant people.

Two-piece cans are widely used in various industries, so its use must be very extensive. It can also be seen in many industries. And the inner wall of the two cans is uniform and complete. After the container body is formed, it can be coated with a uniform and complete coating, which isolates the metal pollution source of the contaminated contents and greatly improves the hygiene level. Content quality. Of course, its contents are safe. The inner wall of the tank is complete and seamless, of course, it has a complete inner coating protection at the same time, which eliminates the possibility of leakage; at the same time, the two-piece tank makes the seal more reliable and airtight, and the high durability ensures the safety of the contents. The manufacturer also uses aluminum alloy sheet as the material in the production, and adopts the thinning and stretching process in the manufacturing process, so the thickness is obviously thinner than the tank bottom. Therefore, when it is used for packaging beer, strong internal pressure replaces rigidity. However, high air tightness, light avoidance and sealing properties keep the quality of beer in the tank stable.

The exterior of the two-piece can is seamless, smooth and uniform, suitable for improving the printing effect, and convenient for designers to design beautiful brands and patterns; at the same time, the appearance lines are soft and smooth, and the two-piece can has a good artistic effect. In particular, compared with other metal boxes of the same volume, this product has the characteristics of light weight and material saving. And its molding process is simple. According to technical requirements, it can jump one or more times continuously. Forming speed, can realize continuous mechanized production, automation, high speed and high efficiency. In addition, the problem of its R & D and production is that the equipment has a large investment and very high requirements for materials. Due to the limitation of molds and other factors, the quality of its two-piece cans is only difficult to adapt to multi-variety and diversified conditions. Now this type can be formed with only one stamping (deep drawing), and the ratio of the height of the box to the diameter of the box after forming is not more than 1:2. Shallow boxes have different shapes, such as round, oval, heart-shaped, rectangular, etc. Mainly used for canned fish, ham, luncheon meat, etc.

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