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Explain the use of two cans?



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Two cans of the industry's development prospects are very good, because in the use of the benefits for the enterprise more, so by the customers of all ages, in order to let you know more about it, then we will tell about the use of two cans.

Nowadays, there are still many people who do not know some basic information about the two-piece can, so as a manufacturer, it is necessary for us to briefly explain. In fact, the two-piece can is mainly made of aluminum alloy sheet, and the production process adopts thinning and stretching process. Therefore, the wall thickness of the box is thinner than that of the bottom of the box. When used for beer packaging, the strong internal pressure compensates for the stiffness of the thin tank wall. However, its high gas barrier, shading and sealing properties will keep the quality of beer in the tank stable. Of course, it is the existence of these metal characteristics that allows high-speed charging using isobaric charging, a time-consuming charging method. It is still widely used and can be used to package many different types of products, all of which have good sealing and protective properties. The two-piece jar appeared in the middle of the 20th century. The whole packing box is composed of two parts: the box body and the container cover, so it is called the two-in-box. A metal box. The principle of use is that the can body is a thin metal plate, which is stretched and deformed by a punch through a drawing die to make the bottom of the can body joint.

The sealing of the product is good when two-piece cans are used. The tank body is directly formed by deep drawing process, without leakage, and the leak detection process can be omitted. Now this two-piece can does not need to be welded and sealed, avoiding lead contamination of solder cans, high temperature sterilization, and ensuring product hygiene. Two cans without seams, beautiful and generous, can continuous decorative printing, good effect. Another important point is high production efficiency. The two-piece can has only two parts, and the manufacturing process of the can body is simple, which is of great benefit to simplifying the process and improving production capacity. Now the inner wall of the tank is completely seamless, and at the same time, there is a full inner coating protection, which completely eliminates the possibility of leakage; at the same time, the seamless gap can make the seal between the tank body and the tank cover more reliable, high air tightness, and ensure The safety of the contents. At present, the body of the metal container is processed into a specific shape by drawing. The forming process of this cup-shaped container is a stamping process, so it is often called a stamping can.

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