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The main uses of cans are:



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The main uses of cans are:

1. Canned food and beverage manufacturing, such as fruit juice milk, coffee drinks, meat products, etc.

2. Metal barrels for storing volatile liquids, such as paint solvents.

3. Production of fresh-keeping aluminum box for food preservation.

4. Metal barrels for storing dangerous goods, such as dyes, acids, etc.

5. Metal drums for storing household and industrial supplies.

6. Manufacture of metal drums for storing or transporting liquid fuels.

7. Drinking water made of stainless steel bucket.

8. Make metal cans and tin packaging for snack candy.

9. Special storage containers for chemical reagents and raw materials.

10. Metal drum packaging of building paint.

11. Make small metal tool boxes and storage boxes.

12. Metal packaging of other daily or industrial consumer goods.

In summary, the canning industry is widely used in the production of metal containers and packaging for food, chemicals, dangerous goods and other products, and is an important basic manufacturing industry.