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The working principle of aluminum cans can be summarized:



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The working principle of aluminum cans can be summarized:

1. Aluminum cans are made of aluminum or aluminum alloy and have good ductility.

2. The aluminum material is made into a cylindrical container by calendering.

3. The bottom and top of the cylinder are stamped and formed into the lid of the tank.

4. The tank body and the tank cover are connected by strong mechanical indentation.

5. Internal spray special paint, protect the drinks and avoid metal migration.

6. The tank has a certain rigidity and can withstand a certain pressure.

7. But also has a ductile and thin-walled design to reduce weight.

8. Aluminum cans non-toxic, tasteless, and can fully block light, extend the shelf life of drinks.

9. After filling, ensure the internal isolation from the outside through the sealing process.

10. Easy to mass production, low cost, is the ideal form of beverage packaging.

In summary, aluminum cans use the excellent performance of aluminum alloy to achieve lightweight storage of beverages.